Case Cost Financing

Case Cost Funding For Trial Attorney Expenses

Most trial lawyers work based on a contingent fee arrangement, meaning there’s always a risk when accepting plaintiff injury cases or other commercial plaintiff litigation.

As you know, attorney expenses differ from attorney fees. Case expenses are made up of several different costs that all contribute to the end goal of gaining better litigation outcomes for clients. Being able to afford these case costs is critical, since plaintiff attorneys only get paid if they win and secure a settlement.

Since it can be a challenge for law firms to balance case portfolios and business expenses, Case Costs Capital bridges the gap to improve litigation outcomes and manage business growth.

There are many uses for this form of legal financing, but it’s primarily used to handle out-of-pocket expenses or to finance new cases.

The 2 major divisions in Litigation Funding include Pre-Settlement Funding (or plaintiff cash advances) and Commercial Financing.

Your litigation success rate is dependent on being financially secure in most cases. That’s why we provide strategic working capital for attorneys and law firms.

Because You Don’t Want To Risk Losing Your Case Or Financial Future

If we were to put things into perspective, your attorney fees are basically your pay check (that still needs to be put toward your overhead). But what’s not included in attorney fees is your out-of-pocket costs or Case Costs. In most cases, the plaintiff is made aware that they are responsible for case costs win or lose.

Your clients may also need help paying for their own mounting bills and living expenses. In this scenario, they can apply to receive fast pre-settlement funding for plaintiffs.

Getting paid for your Time and Labor Matters. Find out what Case Costs Capital can do for you!

The Advantages of Case Cost Financing

Case costs are incurred during the course of litigation until a settlement is reached, and attorneys need to be certain that they have the capital to proceed and win. This is where Case Costs Capital comes in!

Our Case Cost Financing options help attorneys and law firms cover:

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