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Case Cost Funding

Be confident that you'll always have funding for court costs and fees

Attorney Financing

Get fast single case or portfolio funding that can lead to better litigation outcomes

Law Firm Capital

Secure risk-free capital for law firms to cover operating costs and business growth


We Provide Working Capital for Law Firms & Attorneys

Most trial attorneys and plaintiff law firms fully understand that they may not get paid for an extended amount of time. Getting fast legal funding is crucial during litigation especially when you factor in court filing fees, deposition expenses, and witness fees just to name a few.

We understand! That’s why Case Costs Capital is committed to offering personalized:

Law Firm Capital

The advantages of law firm financing include opportunities to handle financing operations, acquire non-recourse capital to build better client relations, and to advance business growth.

Attorney Financing

Case Costs Capital provides fast legal funding for attorneys that can be used to finance case costs, reduce contingency fee risks, and significantly improve litigation outcomes.

Case Cost Funding

Discover our case cost financing options for contingency-fee attorneys and law firms to cover out-of-pocket expenses, improve client relations and to ultimately generate revenue.

We power law firm growth and improve attorney lawsuit settlement outcomes

How Operating Capital Benefits Law Firm Growth

Maximizes Litigation Outcomes

The ability to finance your attorneys maximizes their performance and can help reach better litigation outcomes.

Reduces Contingency fee Risk

Having capital to reduce contingency-fee risk is beneficial especially if attorneys don't get paid unless a case is won.

Supports In-House Legal Departments

Having the ability to transform your cost center and meet other financial obligations is crucial to business growth.

Secures A Financial Future

Law Firms can finally add new practice areas, expand into new markets, and solidify the financial future of the firm.

Our Capital Funding Process

Submit A Case

Submit a case or request for capital, and one of our finance experts will quickly respond within 24-48 hours.

We Review & Approve

We'll review your case details and approve your request if you're eligible for our fast legal funding.

Get Risk-free Capital

Get approved, sign the agreement and get funding within hours (via check, debit card or wired cash)

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We Offer Capital for Law Firms & Attorneys

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